KYCKing My Career in the Pants has been dormant for months now, mostly because I’ve started to shift my career into a much more Ruby-colored light. In the last few months, besides really focusing all my spare nerd time on Ruby, I became the Managing Editor of As a result, all my technical blogging has funneled into that site. It is a ton of fun and the more I submerge into Ruby and its community, the more I enjoy it.

For this reason and others, I started looking for a job a few months back as well. The job search was almost exclusively Ruby jobs, which was a risk since I’ve never done Ruby professionally. However, I did land a couple of offers, which weren’t right for various reasons. This proved that I could get a job in Ruby land, something I was unsure of when I began the search.

Some weeks back, I met a guy named Les Porter at a local Ruby development meetup. Les had pasted a sign on his shirt that said he was looking for Charlotte-based Rubyists for a startup called KYCK. KYCK is “the global soccer conversation”, focusing on the social, rich media, and e-commerce aspects around the world’s most popular sport. I talked to Les a couple of times, just to see what he was offering, and we made an appointment for me to come down and see their facility.

Being honest, I did not really think the KYCK thing would pan out for me. I have never been in the startup life, always playing it “safe” with somewhat established companies. The more I talked to Les, however, the more excited I became.

KYCK offers me a change to help lead a team and build something from the ground up. It offers me a chance to focus on the technologies I love and really grow all of my skills. There will be major sacrifices in the short term, for sure. The more I thought about the potential upside, the more I realized I had to take the risk. It’s time to put my money where my mouth is and really do something. As you might have guessed, I took the job.

I start in the new year, and I am excited and terrified and anxious and a million other things. Right now, every minute of every day I am thinking about how great it could be and how much I have to learn. I think if I wasn’t scared, then I’d be pursuing the wrong path.

So, I’ll be stepping out of the ESRI world for a bit. I do love this community, so I part with the proverbial “sweet sorrow”. It has been one of the privileges of my career to watch the community around GIS and ESRI grow, while considering myself a very small part of that.

KYCK goes to public beta on January 15th, 2012. Stop by and see the site in your spare time, and if you are a soccer-head, keep KYCK on your radar and register when you can.

I wish the GIS/ESRI community nothing but success, knowing it will continue to thrive in amazing ways. I hope the community wishes me luck, as well. It is going to be a crazy ride.


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I am a nerd that is a Nerd Wannabe. I have more kids than should be allowed by law, a lovely wife, and a different sense of humor than most. I work in the field of GIS, where I am still trying to find myself on the map. View all posts by Ruprict

5 responses to “KYCKing My Career in the Pants

  • Pat Shaughnessy

    Contrats! I’ll be sure to check out KYCK in January when it’s public… sounds like a cool idea.

  • Al Duke


    Congrats, on your new career venture.

    Q1. Will this blog ( with all its archives still be up and active next year?

    Q2. Before you depart (for a season) from the GIS realm, do you know by chance how to create a 3D map (similiar to Google Earth concept) using ArcGIS for Flex API, along with an AS3 3D Engine like Away3D or Papervision3D. Perhaps you can provide a code snippet via Pastebin or blogs/forums for further assistance. I would really appreciate your expertise and support on this, alot.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Ruprict

      Hey Al,

      Sorry, I have never tried anything like that, nor have I looked at Away3D or Papervision3D.

      This blog will stay up for the foreseeable future. I hope to post a few times a year to it as well, just probably won’t be GIS related.


  • CMitchell

    LOL Kyck site looks good champ. Congrats on making the move.

    PS you do know the kyck image on your page points to right:)

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